I think it's that inner-techy in me that wants all the new toys out there to play with. Actually, my wish list at the moment goes something like this:

1. Nikon camera (one of those really nice ones so I can play photographer!) and maybe some "toy" cameras
2. iPod 64 g (because I keep filling my small one up, and I have over 3 days worth of music on my iTunes)
3. Barnes and Nobel Nook (because reading electronically just sounds so cool!)
4. Play Station 3 (because my Wii gaming experience isn't quite complete)

The fifth item on this list was my newly bought Keurig. The funny thing is, I was not (until yesterday) a coffee drinker. But, the idea of having this completely and totally tech-savvy coffee maker was so cool, I just had to have one. Now, I did save money and put money back so I could have this, because I was well aware of how crazy it seems to any sane person on the street that I just had to have not the cheap Keurig (mind you, still 100 dollars), but the platinum version (at a whopping 179.95). I will explain later why the platinum version was an absolute must for me!
I shopped around, and finally found the best deal, which happened to be at a warehouse store (if you want to know, email me or post a comment and I'll reply. I don't want to make this blog a commercial, so one review in one blog is enough).  For $149.99, I found the platinum Keurig, 60 K-cups, and the reusable filter included. With the extras, I saved an estimated 50-100 dollars. I really suggest shopping around if you want to invest in something like this.
That being said, two cups of coffee down, I absolutely love this coffee maker. The platinum is a must for me because it has programmable settings, 4 cup size choices, and a water reservoir tank. It was so nice this morning to wake up to a warm cup of coffee, and the Hazelnut coffee I chose was delicious. Was this completely unnecessary? Yes. However, I knew with my upcoming diet (see yesterday's post), I would have to be drinking coffee on a regular basis, as it was one of the few flavored drinks I could have. I wanted something that made me excited about drinking coffee, and if a $150.00 coffee maker doesn't get you excited about coffee making, I don't know what will!

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