Summer Lovin'

Okay, so I was going to write this seemingly insignificant post about my favorite summer things. But, after reading/hearing the news of a former college dorm mate who supposedly shot and killed one woman and wounded two others, it seems unimportant. It seems insignificant. Last year, I heard about one of my residents who was murdered, and this year, it's a murderer that I knew.

How can someone go from having such a high potential to being a murderer? He wasn't just a smart guy. You aren't in the Academy at West Georgia and just happen to be smart. These kids were smarter than I'll ever be. A lot of them probably have or are at least close to having a genius IQ. They might be low on the social poll, but it was because they were awkward. They lived and went to high school at the University. Wouldn't you be a little awkward too if you were living on a college campus going to high school? Some of them hadn't even gone through puberty, but most of them graduated from there to go on to great things. Most of them live up to their high potential.

Just tell me, now, what is the world coming to?

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