To-Do List (In Progress)

Inspired by Hannah, I'm working on my to-do list for the next year or so. I think it's a good habit to have these sorts of goals :). I'm not sure if it will be my 25 before 25 or my 20 before next year, as Hannah's already taken the cute title, and I turn 25 in two months. But, I've definitely taken a cue or two from Hannah's list, because I think they're fun :).

To give a preview of my list, here are the first 15 things (not necessarily in order)..... if you have any suggestions, please feel free to suggest:
1. Learn to Sew
2. Crochet a blanket (I've crocheted quite a few half-blankets in the past, but I always get bored and quit half-way through)
3. Lose x number of pounds or more
4. Hike in the Great Smokies (last time I got too winded, and I want to hike some of the falls)
5. Unpack, Clean, and Decorate my house so that people can come over
6. Get my financial and home files in order
7. Get my computer files organized
8. Take a photography class and start shooting
9. Buy a nice camera
10. Send Christmas cards
11. Go on an actual honeymoon with the hubby
12. Finally learn to play Moonlight Sonata all the way through (I can play the first page or two; I've taken piano lessons in the past, just never stuck with it, so I'm mostly self-taught)
13. Begin learning Brahms' Waltz in A Flat Major
14. Learn to play 5 chords on my guitar
15. Host a party or two at my house
16. Go on a road trip

There will be some sort of teaching goal, some sort of education goal (personal education), and some sort of reading goal as well. I also want to have a few health and wellness goals in addition to the 2 I have and a spiritual goal or two. I want to make my list holistic.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Its hard to make a list like this isn't it? Took me forever! And I still don't like some of the things I've got on mine. This is a good start though, I think!